Title   Utomlennye solntsem 2
Release date   2010-04-22
Country   Russia
Duration   181 mins
Quality   DVD
Views   62
Genre   Drama History War
Director   Nikita Mikhalkov
Creators   Aleksandr Novototskiy-Vlasov Gleb Panfilov Nikita Mikhalkov Vladimir Moiseenko
Actors   Nadezhda Mikhalkova Nikita Mikhalkov Oleg Menshikov Sergey Makovetskiy

Epic film about WWII, a sequel to Burnt by the Sun (1994). Evil Stalin is terrorizing people of Russia while the Nazis are advancing. Russian officer Kotov, who miraculously survived the death sentence in Stalin's Purge, is now fighting in the front lines. His daughter, Nadia, who survived a rape attempt by Nazi soldiers, is now a nurse risking her own life to save others. In the war-torn nation even former enemies are fighting together to defend their land. People stand up united for the sake of victory. The deadly war comes at very high cost: the Nazis are killing people, burning villages, raping women, bombing churches, destroying bridges. Hoping to survive, Kotov and his daughter are having visions of each other, but their dreams fade amidst massive bombardment. Fire and smoke eclipses the sun. The land around becomes lifeless, defenseless and littered with the dead. Then the dead are covered by snow. Life is over. Only a butterfly is flying above the weapons and corpses, alluding... Written by Steve Shelokhonov

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