Title   Murder.com
Release date   2018-05-24
Country   Germany
Duration   mins
Quality   HD
Views   106
Genre   Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
Director   Rex Piano
Creators   Jake Gerhardt Kimberly Goddard Kuskin Tom Nelson
Actors   Alexandra Paul David Chokachi David Shae Robyn Lively

In Miami, the successful lawyer Stacy and her colleague and friend Lauren are enjoying a party promoted by the company where they work when Stacy receives a call from her hometown Venice telling that her sister Kate was murdered. Stacy heads to Venice and meets her former high school mate Bobby in charge of the investigation of the case but without any lead. Stacy meets Kate's employer Roger trying to get some information about her sister since they were distant and without contact for a long time. While in Kate's house, she finds an external HD hidden in her Teddy Bear and she discovers that Kate was a user of a site that promoted encounters for kinky sex; together she finds the address book of her sister with a couple of names. Stacy joins the site and schedules to meet with the guys listed in the address book sure that one of them might be the killer of her sister. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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