Title   Gracie
Release date  
Country   UK
Duration   71 mins
Quality   TC
Views   64
Genre   Crime Drama Fantasy Mystery
Director   Jane Alexandra Foster
Creators   Jane Alexandra Foster
Actors   AurĂ©lie Amblard Darren Darnborough Sylvie Bolioli Tyrone Bacchus

2am - Waterloo Bridge, London. When despairing Gracie fails to get up the guts to throw herself off Waterloo Bridge, destiny hands her a chance at salvation when 17 year old Ellie runs up onto the bridge, desperate to escape a man who's hot on her heels. Ellie begs for Gracie's help, and shocked out of her misery, Gracie grabs her and they escape to what Gracie believes, is the safety of the back streets. But those after Ellie do not give up, and so begins a dark, surreal night, during which Gracie realizes she has a chance at redemption and to save Ellie, but only if come morning they can survive the overwhelming odds that face them. Written by Jane Alexandra Foster

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