Title   Gabrielle
Release date   2005-09-09
Country   France Germany Italy
Duration   90 mins
Quality   DVD
Views   66
Genre   Drama Romance
Director   Patrice Chéreau
Creators   Anne-Louise Trividic Joseph Conrad Patrice Chéreau
Actors   Claudia Coli Isabelle Huppert Pascal Greggory Thierry Hancisse

Paris shortly before World War I. Wealthy and self-satisfied, Jean Hervey is returning home from work, describing life with his wife of 10 years, Gabrielle; he values her as impassive and stolid. However, that day she's gone, leaving a letter that she's joining a man she loves. Jean is devastated, but within minutes she's returned, telling him that her resolve has failed. Over the next two days, he questions, demands, begs, and parries with her: why did she leave, why did she return, does she love him, did she ever love him, who is her lover, is she passionate with her lover? She's calm as alabaster, reserved. Is she in danger? When she makes an offer, how will he respond? Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>

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