Title   Change the Game
Release date   2006-12-01
Country   USA
Duration   mins
Quality   BR
Views   68
Genre   Drama
Director   M.J. Alhabeeb Jr.
Creators   M.J. Alhabeeb Jr.
Actors   M.J. Alhabeeb Jr. Aimee Mathers Haniyf Carr Makaya McCraven

Set in the inner city, its about a group of individuals who aspire to achieve their goals and survive the trials and tribulations of life on the streets.Change The Game is a drama addressing the battles within oneself through the alleyways of our cities. The focus is on the determination of young minds to succeed and to define a brighter future for themselves above the racial and class issues that surround them. The story centers on Ray Walker, a half black, half white young male in his early 20s growing up on his own in an inner city. Ray's best friend Omar narrates the story alongside Ray and gives the audience the first look into Ray's childhood, from the rapes of his mother, to his perception of blacks and whites in society. Omar paints a picture of Ray as a troubled young mind whose desire to succeed is overshadowed by his ignorance as he involves himself in drug dealings, and swindles himself into a life of crime. Ray is met with many decisions that are influenced by the ... Written by MJ Alhabeeb Jr

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