Title   Alexander Jamieson
Release date   2017-09-17
Country   USA
Duration   135 mins
Quality   TC
Views   78
Genre   Adventure Drama
Director   Brad Batchelor
Creators   Brad Batchelor
Actors   Baharum Abdu David Abrams Edward Austin Mohd Hamdan Ali

Against the odds of survival WW1 flyer's in the Lafayette Esquadrille risk everything for honor and conquest. The adventurers momentum does not end when the ravages of war and lost friends is over. As sought after undercover agents X WW1 pilots are taken by the first narcotics division of the U.S. Treasury Department to fight the international Opium trade, their way. From a life of war and assassinations retirement is the ultimate goal. No rest for the weary when the local Civil authorities intermixed with the Klan and its bigotry lead that retirement into revenge. From biplanes to Model A's and guns "Alexander Jamieson" moves from 1915 to 1932 during turbulent times of Asia, Costa Rica and the mountains for North Carolina. Written by Brad Batchelor

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