Title   79 Parts
Release date   2019-05-07
Country   USA
Duration   90 mins
Quality   BR
Views   80
Genre   Action Comedy Romance
Director   Ari Taub
Creators   Avra Dugan Chuck McMahon John Ramaine Mario Radosta Philippe Keb Blanchard
Actors   Ernest Thomas Kathrine Narducci Sala Baker Tony Lo Bianco

In 1979 Brooklyn, Jack Anderson is a down and out struggling law student desperate for a loan to pay his school tuition. Jack is an artist at heart, but decides to go to law school after his father Doug (Eric Roberts) is incarcerated for embezzlement. He's hoping to help his father's case, but without the money to pay his tuition, he'll have to drop out. Everywhere Jack turns, he gets shot down - by the banks, by society and sadly, by girls. Jack's only hope lies in his fellow classmate and horse-betting friend, Gino. Gino's Uncle Dennis, an Irishman with questionable business practices, has the cash Jack needs to pay off his tuition, but that loan comes with a steep and treacherous price. Written by Ari Taub

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