Title   10 Cloverfield Lane
Release date   2016-03-10
Country   USA
Duration   103 mins
Quality   DVD
Views   73
Genre   Drama Horror Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
Director   Dan Trachtenberg
Creators   Damien Chazelle Josh Campbell Matthew Stuecken
Actors   Douglas M. Griffin John Gallagher Jr. John Goodman Mary Elizabeth Winstead

After getting in a car accident, Michelle awakens to find herself in a mysterious bunker with two men named Howard and Emmett. Howard offers her a pair of crutches to help her remain mobile with her leg injury sustained from the car crash and tells her to "get good on those" before leaving the bunker. She has been given the information that there has been an alien attack and the outside world is poisoned. However, Howard and Emmett's intentions soon become questionable and Michelle is faced with a question: Is it better in here or out there? Written by Paramount Pictures

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